ZORRO has intense body, heavy bone, gorgeous head, tail, hair and shape. The whole body shows the typical blood advantage of Dickendall and Forxrush2. Zorro’s father and mother, Henry and ESKA, are multi-country register champion.
ZORRO’s father---HENRY introduction:
Origin: Mexico ALADANS Kennel
HENRY’S father, HAWK, is Arnold blood and US famous RIDGE VIEW BUGS BUNNY. HAWK  an American very exceptional male breed. HAWK itself is an American registered champion, American BISS owner. HENRY’S mother is from UK typical FOXRUSH blood and Tintagel Winds Blood.
HENRY got an BIS4 and an BOB award, the competition data is being processed now.
4/12/2008 HENRY got the third CAC and completed the champion register. He has completed the champion register within 4 months in China.
Below is his register history:
Dec. 2007 Hunan Champion show CAC
Jan 2008, Fuzhou Champion show CAC BOB BIG3
Apr. 2008: Hunan Champion show CAC BOB BIG2
HENRY performance:

ESKA Introduction:
Register name: CH. ESKA Daw-Bej(HD-A,ED 0/0 - Eyes OK)(Nickname: ESKA)
DOB: 7/15/2001
Color: Black
Kind: Labrador
Origin: Poland.
ESKA has completed Poland and Russia champion register. She only has two children due to her focus was only for competition. Her offspring have been active on EUROPE International dog show and get good results. ESKA has excellent body structure,   outstanding breast wide and bone weight, sweet expression, elegant dynamic performance and stable static, very amicable character.
ESKA Blood is proud and her father is champion dog--APPLEJACK'S HELLO HONKY TONK. This male dog has completed many champion register. Her mother is champion dog--ESTAKADA HERBU ZADORA.  ESKA’S father blood has the genes from US No. 1 male breed DICKENDALL ARNOLDDICKENDALL ARNOLD, and its mother blood has the genes from Europe best Labrador CAROMER'S CHARLIE CHACK. While its blood has the genes from top breeder such as DICKENDALL, ROCHEBY, POOLSTEAD, CAMBREMER.

ESKA Poland blood history certificate copy:

ESKA Poland champion register:

ESKA Russia champion register certificate: