• NameLGEL
  • D.O.B2012/03/16
  • GenderMALE
  • ColorChocolate
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IGEL has luxury blood line, strong and stable performance. He is the descendant of JOSS.Who has Multi BISS.Am.Can.Ch.Chablais Brookhills Joss.
2008US Potomac Labrador specialty BOB:

Below is the pictures that JOSS IN 2008 USA Potomac Labrador specialty show

NAME: 2008 US Potomac specialty dog show BOB:JOSS(Multi BISS.Am.Can.Ch.Chablais Brookhills Joss)(USA)
BREEDER: Jean-Louis Blais
Owner: Mary Stirrett&Jean-Louis Blais
Yellow with chocolate genes

JOSS belonged to Canada Jean-Louis Blais( Canada CHABLAIS kennel) and American Mary Beauduin Stirrett ( American Brookhill kennel). It served Canada CHABLAIS from 2006 to July 1, 2008.
JOSS took part in many dog shows in both USA and Canada and got champion title. Now it is US champion and Canada champion, and served as a breed in Chablais.
The below picture is the BOB Finalist competition picture of 2008 US Potoma. Provided by Jean-Louis Blais.

Below is JOSS BOB awarded picture dated on Dec.9th, 2007

Joss’s father, CH.AM.Lubberline Martingale Marty, got 2004 US Westminster LABRADOR Group BOB, equivalent of US Labrador BISS. There is not too much promotion on US Lubberline Labrador kennel website. This kennel also got 2006 Potomac Labrador BISS, this dog named Chute—Marty’s son, brother of JOSS.
Here is the picture of BISS.CH.AM.Lubberline Martingale from its breeder, just for your reference.
Labrador prize best receiver: CH.AM.Lubberline Martingale

2006 US Potomac BISS—JOSS same-father brother: Chute-BISS.AM.CH.Sunset Lubberling Spinnaker picture.

JOSS’ father blood line will illustrate everything. Multi BISS Am.Ch. Lenches Teddy Bear got 2000 US Westminster dog show Labrador BOB, so we can see how powerful is the blood line. All of this is because Sandylands. Marty’s mother blood line is from UK Rocheby.

JOSS mother blood introduction:
JOSS’s mother,Olivia, has Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch.Chablais and got 8 Labrador BOB. Potomac BIS in 2000. When I was back from Canada, Chablais owner Mr and Mrs Jean gave me her warded cherry duck. Therefore It is destined that we got JOSS breed. When I visited Chablais, Jean pointed at Olivia for me, that was proud of Chablais. Chablais got many big awards at Potomac dog shows. Olivia was very impressive at the first meeting, you can feel that she is best female breed. We did not have too many pictures here, only one for your appreciation:

Olivia`s Picture:

Olivia’s mothe. Mia, has Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Chablais and got 3 BOB from LRCC   National, LRC of Mid-Jerse and LRC of GB 3; received Potomac BOS in 1995 and 2000; We can see its power and reflect its daughter Olivia’s excellence.

Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Mia`s picture

Back to earlier, there is a multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Myrtille, Chablais website said that “Once in a lifetime bitch” born on 1989, Mr and Mrs Jean just have 10 years experience of breed since 1979. 10 years is enough for them to be at a peak.
Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Myrtille got many big awards. It showed her performance at the first time in 1991 Potomac Labrador dog shows.  We will not list all the prizes here.
Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Myrtille’s picture: This is 1991 Potomac BIS picture.

So you can see JOSS’ s mother’s strength and stable genes.