Thank for ALLAN’s trust to our kennel, and willing to be a long-term partner with ours. PABLO (their key male breed, Mexico champion, Mexico permanent registered champion) we introduced PABLO to China and served at our kennel.

Pablo has luxury blood line, golden structure, gorgeous head. After two month rest in China, it is an official member of our kennel. It is impressive, not only perfect body structure, gorgeous head, but also 3X3 blood breed system and surpasses its ancestors. Actually, PABLO is only two years old, and it will continue to grow, reach a peak period. We believe that PABLO will have amazing performance later. Let’s look forward to it!

PABLO prize and honor cups.


PABLO one year old, in Mexico.

PABLO mexico championship certificate and honor picture

PABLO got permanent registered championship certificate and honor pictures

Pablo prizes in Mexico

Pablo’s father, MEXICO permanent register champion: VANDIDO

Vandido competition honor pictures



PABLO’s mother: EVA

VANDIDO’s parent blood line is from Arnold, last 6 generations, Arnold was in there for 4 times.
VANDIDO’s grandfather –American star champion SPORT(Am Ch Tabatha's Sport W.C.),SPORT(Am Ch Tabatha's Sport W.C.),used Arnold (AM.CH Dickendall Arnold)2-3 close relative breed, below is SPORT’S picture.

VANDIDO’S grandmother:CH.Tabatha's Empress's Jeepers Creeper is American championship dog,American EMPRESS key bitch. Its master has high appraisal  for it. CH.Tabatha's Empress's Jeepers Creepers picture is as below:

VANDIDO’s great grandfather:CLARK{AM.CH Dickendall Davaron Gable}, born in 2002, it was AM.CH Dickendall Arnold’s most outstanding son, it served as male breed in Dickendall.
 VANDIDO’s great grandfather:CLARK(AM.CH Dickendall Davaron Gable), below is CLARK’s picture.

CLARK(AM.CH Dickendall Davaron Gable)is American  DICKENDALL NO.1 male breed, it was ranked as NO.1 in American AKC 2004, 2005. By 2007, it had produced 42 champion dogs and 12 hunting champion offspring.
VANDIDO’s great grandmother:AM.CH Tabatha's Giggle,as one of top bitches, is granddaughter of Arnold.

VANDIDO’s great grandfather:Tabatha's Brown Tuxedo,was chocolate Labrador of American BIG SKU, breeded by American, Tabatha, now it was retired, breed by  UK blood and American Arnold.Below is Tabatha's Brown Tuxed’s picture:

VANDIDO’S great grandmother:AM.CH Tabatha's Sizzle,as granddaughter of Arnold, grown by Amercian TABATHA, American E,PRE owned,AM.CH Tabatha's Sizzle’s picture:

There are lots of  world famous dogs in its great grandparents such as(AM.CH Dickendall Arnold),GB.SH.CH Sandylands Gad-about,GB.SH.CH Lindall Mastercraft, etc.
All in all, it is very precious to gain such a luxury blood like PABLO. Again we appreciate Allan’s great support for ours.