• D.O.B2010/11/19
  • GenderMALE
  • ColorBLACK
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NEIL is a amazing male dog, one best male breed in Japan Nanxing kennel. In his blood line, the famous dogs of the nearest three generations are the mainstream influencing Labrador attitude and beauty trend. Male breed of ROCHEBY is the main blood history.
DACO HEIGOU’s father: Neao 2008 China Labrador specialty dog show championship BISS, NEIL of Nigata Nannsei JP; Oct. 7th, 2002, its father was born in famous UK Labrador kennel, breed: RYUJI KOBAYASHI.

Its father blood is all of elite dogs. AM CH RIDGE VIEW HEARTLAND HIT MAN in its mother blood is the NO. 1 Labrador in 1997, 1998 American ranking, 1997 Westminster Labrador BOB, 3 BIS, 2 BISS, 19 BIG1, 23 BIG2, 169 BOB. This is almost surpass KING Labrador! Real BIS level Labrador. It is very hard to gain so much high level honors, and it is an influential dog in Asia.
NEIL has golden body structure, excellent personality, even not in so many competitions, but it is the best in China National Labrador dog show, it is its power!
ROCHEY BUSKSKIN possesses breed essence of decades. NEIL got great results in Japan and Korea.
This dog is UK TOP BLOOD 4X5 systematic fruit of breed. Eng. Ch. Kupros Master Mariner is a top male breed, and its blood system created numberless breed legend and miracle. Some famous dogs of nearest generation, all would reach the origin of this legend male breed. DACO HEIDOU’s father was from Rocheby Buckskin in UK top breed. And its father was UK top male breed Rocheby Sailing By(the picture below):

Sailing By’s father is Eng. Ch. Kupros Master Mariner, and  its mother is Rocheby Shady Lady。Its brother: DUT CH SH CH Rocheby Royal Marine(the picture below). Its same-father brother: SH CH ENG Sandylands My Guy(the picture below)


With AM/CAN CH Sandylands Marshall(same mother and father );its son: Rocheby Navy Blue(the picture below)

 Rocheby Buckskin’s mother is Sh. Ch. Rocheby Polkadot


Sh. Ch. Rocheby Polkado’s father is Eng.Fin Ch Poolstead Pretentious At Rocheby,its mother is Eng.Ch.Rocheby Acorn; its same mother and father dog: Eng.Ch.Rocheby Royal Oak

Eng.Ch. Rocheby Popcorn

Ch.Rocheby Rippling Corn

Sh Ch Eng Rocheby Whisky Mac

Her same- father brothers and sisters including:

Sh.Ch Foxrush Peach Blossom

SH.CH.Eng Foxrush Prime Suspect

4X5 system breed generation analysis comparasion: 

Rocheby Sailing By’s direct son: Rocheby Navy Blue, who has an excellent direct son named

GB SH CH Rocheby Old Smokey

HE IS TOP LABRADOR SIR2003,2004,2006.  (UK)

GB SH CH Rocheby Old Smokey blood

father: Rocheby Navy Blue- Rocheby Sailing By direct son
mother: SH CH Rocheby Polkadot- CRUFTS BOB 1996、1997、1998(Europe largest dog show 3 years of BOB)

Rocheby Buckskin Blood:

father: Rocheby Sailing By 
mother: SH CH Rocheby Polkadot-CRUFTS BOB 1996、1997、1998(Europe largest dog show 3 years of BOB)

From this we can see that , from father blood, Old Smokey is Buckskin’s son generation,NEIL OF NIIGATA NANSEI II and Old smokey is in the same generation;while Buckskin and Old smokey are both born by SH CH Rocheby Polkadot- CRUFTS BOB 1996、1997、1998 Europe largest dog show 3 years of BOB)!we can see that 4X5 system breed would have higher generation and excellent blood genes.