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Aobama is the typical male breed of our Arnold blood and obviously passed down the genes from Father-Glenn blood line. Aobema has a gorgeous head, golden back line, stable & strong pillar and elegant breast wide.
Aobama’s father , the Legend Labrador Glenn, was praised as King Labrador Arnold. Glenn shows the perfect Arnold blood character and has got many prizes. Meanwhile, the well-known dog CALVIN (nickname: Dollar) is very famous domestically.

US 2003 National Specialty Winner
2003 Westminster Labrador BOB
Listed No.2 on competition points in consecutive three years of American CKU.
Got one BIS, 5 BISS, 16 BOS, 23 BIG, 294 BOB in America.

It was introduced into Nanxing Japan in 2006 and unbeatable in any competition for recent 6 years. Glenn’s influence was recognized by world, such as Arnold, Storm, Disney, Buckskin, Suspect, etc. that is why it is called a blood family, because it can pass down its excellent genetic stability to his generations.


CALVIN’s grandfather also has some background.

NAME:BIS BISS CH Ridge View Heartland Hit Man
(Chablais Rhapsodie En BleuxAMCHP ineEdge Ridge View Snobear)

Representative achievement:
The Nations #1 Labrador in1997and1998,All-breed
Best of Breed Westminster,1997
Tony is the famous beige dog produced by Ridge View Labradors. Heartland Labradors started to show glory. It gained American Westminster BOB in 1997, and won No. 1 on US national Full dog kind Labrador. And it has to be mentioned that Tony was just 2 years old at that time. It is truly the most precious Labrador in USA in 1997,1998.
In its lifetime, Tony won 3 times of American full dog kind show Best in Show, 2 times of American Labrador Best in Specialty Show, and 169 times of Best of Breed, whose are represented TONY’s excellent performance. In the USA, both full dog king and specialty judges all highly appreciated it. In 1998, it won the honor of No. 1 of USA national full kind dog Labrador . All the rewards demonstrate that its unprecedented achievement was inevitable during 1997.
From the aspect of Blood history, Tony’s mother, Bear, has CH Pine Edge Ridge View Snobear. Bear is the key dog of RidgeView. Almost all of the excellent dogs in RidgeView are children of hers.
 Bear is also a very famous dog in the history of American AKC, which is recorded as following:
(1998and1999 Top Producer and No.1 all-time top producing Labrador bitch in AKC history with 18 Champion off spring). 
It produced two Westminster BOB stars, Tony and the other son---1999 Westminster BOB receiver BISS CH Ridge View Frostry the Snoman CD, JH. That is why Bear is so popular!
 Additionally, Ridge View’s key male breed Doc, is the direct son of Tony’s sister ( Bear’s grandson). 2002 US Westminster dog show BOB, BOS receivers are all DOC’s sons and daughters. Meanwhile, Doc has produced over 16 US register championship. Actually, DOC’s mother is just the copy of TONY’S blood.
Sire of 2002 West minster Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex
Dochas sired 16 Champions and sever alarecloset of inishingtheir CH

Abstract: Tony was the 1997 Westminster champion, its brother was 1999 Westminster King. it was Tony’s grandsons in 2002 Westminster BOB, BOS. The Ridge View No. 1 male breed Doc is also Tony’s nephew.

Tony’s father also has big background:
MultiBISS MultiBPISAMCANCHChablaisMyrtille is the famous female breed of Canada
Chablais Labrados. It has gave birth to lots of great generations. Its father, AMCANCHBradkingMike (imported from England) , was the direct son of the famous dog—GBChKuprosmMasterMariner.
MultiBISS MultiBPISAMCANCHChablaisMyrtille
Myrtille has many excellent offsprings, one of which is ChablaisRhapsodieEnBleu (nickname: Bleu), and also Tony’s father. Bleu is the representative direct son of Canada Emperor BISSCANCHRanbourne ThisBudsForYou. 
Bleu’s direct daughter AMCHRidgeViewBleuBunny is the grandmother of AMCHShannonValley'sBeauregard (2002US Westminster BOB). Bleu’s another direct daughter, CHWinterwindsGaelicTwist, is the mother of AMCHWinterwind'sGlennPlaid (2003 Westerminister BOB). 
Tony’s sister Bunny was the grandmother of 2002 Westminster dog show BOB;BOS; Tony’s same-father sister, GaelicTwist, is the mother of AMCH Winterwind's Glenn Plaid in 2003 Westminster dog show.
We can see from above that the reproduction achievement of TONY’S father blood ChablaisRhapsodieEnBleu’s is well recognized by US dog field.



CALVIN honor: 2007 CKU full dog kind PEKING International Champion PBOB PBIG2