• Name lLVY
  • D.O.B2012/03/16
  • GenderFEMALE
  • ColorBLACK
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Llvy’s mother Daci has a typical strom blood line, fully passed through STORM BLOOD. Those luxuary blood family is a solid foundation of genes stability with no doubt.

Llvy’s mother Daci:

It has showed the great character of STORM BLOOD/ Meanwhile as IIvy growing. we hope this female dog will introduce a stronger blood line into domestic Labrador.
Daci’s mother, Fatch, is an incredible female breed dog. Luxury blood, exceptional genes, an its own atmosphere. Fatch has won admiration from numerous Labrador kennel.


Fatch introduction:

UK BLACK LABRADOR KING STORM, Other blood branch, Famous CH Belgairn Polo. JH direct daughter! Black with chocolate genes.
Fatch father blood Introduction:
Fatch father is one of the brilliant sons of STORM, Marco (CH Belgairn Polo)/ Marco is owned by both UK Balrion weathertop Labrador kennel and US Belgairn Labrador kennel. Marco ‘s picture is as follows:


Marco succeed Storm character: straight back line ,rich hair, wide breast, unique head shape. It looks like a King, sharing the same mother with DEMO.
Marco’s father Storm, as world famous dog, is called UK Black Labrador King
Marco’s mother CH Belgairn Peekaboo, JH is American Belgairn present female breed dog, chocolate color, won JH AND CH title.

Peekaboo’s picture:

CH Belgairn Peekaboo, JH’s father: Primsland Match Maker at Kupros, JH is Fatch mother blood introduction: 
UK Famous Eng CH Kupros Master Mariner united with Eng CH Sandylands My Guy blood. Fully succeed UK original dog character. 
Fatch’s mother : Duchess Of Brownbank Cottage, Belgium Brownbank Cottage Labrador kennel female breed dog, chocolate color


Duchess Of Brownbank Cottage’s picture:

Fatch’s grandfather is also Brownbank Cottage kennel, male breed dog, called Ch. Thibault des Sarts de Percival, it came from World famous male breed dog Chocolate color ,CH Donalbain MacDuff,Donalbain kennel:  the third status of the sic status Labrador : Donalbain status.CH Donalbain MacDuff picture:

Ch. Thibault des Sarts de Percival’s picture:

Fatch’s grandma: A Princess Of Brownbank Cottage, now it is Brownbank Cottage kennel female breed dog. Its picture: