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KIRM is one of our best female breed. She not only has amazing pedigree, but also great personal performance and perfect study genes. This is all due to her father- multi-country registered champion LARRY and her mother-registered champion CORA.

Below are some of KRIM pictures. 


 KRIM’s father LARRY, from Czech PR, breed by Mgr Martina Fialova, These are some of his competition and life pictures.

Larry has an amazing body structure and gorgeous head. His master Jana proudly says that he is the perfect model for dog shows and loves to participate. He will certainly have excellent offspring whom of which we hope will have outstanding show ability and win countless awards.
Larry has received awards for 16championships as well as work test titles.

LAARY got 62 registered champion card both home and abroad.

In China, Larry’s accomplishments is very hard to overtake.

Larry’s parents are both from UK GB.CH KUPROS MASTER MARINER. A lot of famous dog such as ROCHEBY, are all from GB.CH KUPROS MASTER MARINER. However, GB.CH. Kupros Master Mariner has mixed UK GB.CH.Sandylands Mark blood. LARRY’s parents and other dogs carry the lineage of GB.CH. Sandylands Mark. It proves that the GB.CH. Sandylands Mark Blood has its advantage.

Larry won the world dog industry committee international champion register title, Czech primary champion title and Slovakia champion title, Czech champion, Slovakia, Poland champion, Germany VDH champion, Hoshan champion, and passed wild tracking tests. He also the Winner of 2007 Germany Berlin dog show, the Winner of 2007 Alford dog show, the winner of 2007 Germany Dlyston dog show. His highest award is 2007 Europe world cup dog show champion group NO1. (Among 37 champion dogs)

Larry gained 4 BOW, 2 RBOB, 4 CC, and 60 points during 4 field competition on 25th, 26th, April 2009 from Czech Rep to Bangkok, Thailand. He became a THAILAND REGISTERED CHAMPION. Thailand registered championship must be at least 3 CC, 60 points, and only 2 CC every competition, one for male and one for female. BOB and RBOB only have points no CC. Therefore, the pace that LARRY won Thailand registered champion, is a lot faster than any other dogs.

LARRY arrived in China on 4/30/2009. He won three consecutive titles in Chengdu CKU southwest all breed dog competition on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd May 2009. Now, he is registered as China CKU permanent championship.
On 3rd October, 2010, Larry won BISS in CKU Labrador Retriever individual show. As a Labrador breeder, this is the competition every breeder wants to won the most, every year.


Europe championship titles.
-Junior Ch Czech rep.

-Junior Ch Slowakia

-Ch Czech rep.

-Ch Slowakia

-Ch Poland

-Ch Germany

-Ch Montenegro

-Ch Bosna / Hercegovina

-Grand Ch Slowakia 

-Grand Ch Czech rep.


-Field Trila Winner-CACT 


CN championship



HD A/A (excellent) , ED 0/0, full dents, Optigen A, PRA/Cat neg.
Black ( chocolatte gen carrier) 
Best Dog club Winner 2007,2008

Berlin Winner 2007  

Erfurt Winner 2007 

Dresden Winner 2007

Eurodog Show Zagreb 2007 Vít靭 t?iacute;dy šampión? 



Honors got from many competitions:

Výstavy: 6.11.2005 Speciální výstava Nitra (SK) VN1, BOB dorost
18.3.2006 V2 NVP Nitra
22.4.2006 V1, CAJC MVP 萫ské Bud靔ovice
29.4.2006 V1, CAJC MVP Praha
2.6.2006 V1, CAJC Senec SK
3.6.2006 V1,CAJC -2.místo nejlepší mladý pes -JUNIOR BIG2 MVP Nitra SK
4.6.2006 V1, vít靭 t?iacute;dy mladých Walbrzych PL
24.6.2006 V1, CAJC MVP Brno
6.8.2006 V1, CWC, nejlepší pes, BOB, BIG 3 Legnica PL 
20.8.2006 V1, CAJC, Bratislava SK
15.9.2006 V1, CAC, NVP Gradiška BiH
16.9.2006 V1,CAC,CACIB,MVPGradiškaBiH
16.9.2006 V1, CAC,BOS,Klubový vít靭 2006, KVP Gradiška BiH
7.10.2006 V1, CAC MVP 萫ské Bud靔ovice
28.1.2007 V1, CWC Glogow PL
10.2.2007 V2 res.CAC Brno
14.4.2007 V1, Ant. Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 1 
Landessieger Thüringen 2007 Erfurt D   
1.6.2007 V1, CAC, BOB NVP Senec SK
3.6.2007 V1, CWC, CACIB,  Nej. pes v rase, BOB MVP Leszno PL
9.6.2007 V1, CAC - vít靭 t?iacute;dy šampion?nbsp;Eurodog Zagreb
16.6.2007 V1,Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, res. CAC V1, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC, BOB, BIG1
NVP Dresden D
21.7.2007 V1, CAC, Národní vít靭 NVP Mladá Boleslav
11.8.2007 V1,CAC Cetinje MNE
12.8.2007 V1,CAC Nikši?nbsp;MNE
12.8.2007 V1, CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG 2 Danilovgrad MNE
1.9.2007   V1,CAC,CACIB MVP Ml.Boleslav
29.9.2007 V1,CAC Klubová výstava RK-CZ
4.11.2007 V1,CAC KVP Nitra SK
26.1.2008 V1, CAC, CACIB Tren?iacute;n SK
17.5.2008 V1,CAC SVP RK CZ
18.5.2008 V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB MVP Bratislava SK
7.6.2008  V1,CAC MVP Nitra SK
28.6.2008 V1,CAC,r.CACIB MVP Brno

Zkoušky: 8.5.2006 OVVR - 1.cena 232 bod?Vít靭 zkoušek (aporty se zv禅í)
12.5.2007 Podzimní zkoušky - 1.cena 188 b. Vít靭 retrívr? vít靭 zkoušek
2.8.2008 Klubové spec. zkoušky z vodní práce B?iacute;š漚ny - I. cena , CACT

LARRY  got Thailand registered championship certificate

LARRY got China registered championship certificate

KRIM’s mother: CORA is also an excellence breed who gains the registered championship. CORA is introduced from CANADA Chablais kennel.


CORA gained China registered certificate