• D.O.B2007/03/12
  • GenderFEMALE
  • ColorYELLOW
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LENTAB blood lineage is full of world famous dog: such as SH CH(ENG) FOXRUSH PRIME SUSRECT, BIS BISS CH RidgeView Heartland Hit Man(or TONY), and CH(AM)DOVETAIL LONGWOOD SNAPDRAGON, etc. Even though the characters of each individual are different, all their offspring inherited the excellent shoulders and facial expressions. That is the family trait.



DOG NAME:BISBISSCHRidgeViewHeartlandHitMan 





(Chablais Rhapsodie En Bleu x AM CH Pine Edge RidgeView Snobear)

Life-long achievement:



Tony is a famous Labrador from RidgeView kennel. Heartland Labradors won the US West Winsminter show BOB. In the same year, he also won US national FULL DOG bread Labrador view No1. Tony was just 2 years old then. He was an unbeatable beige Labradors from 1997—1998 in the United States.

In his whole life of exceptional performances, he won US Full dog breed competition Best in Show 3 times, won US Labrador BOB Best in Specialty Show twice, 169 times all around scores in Best of Breed in his whole life. In the U.S. both FULL DOG breeds checker and One dog breed gave him best comments. In 1998 he is awarded NO 1 in US national FULL DOG breed Labrador review. It proved Tony’s high achievement in year 1997 not a lucky.

Blood history: 
Tony’s mother: famous dog—CH Pine Edge Ridge View Snobear(Bear).
Bear is the base dog of RidgeView kennel. Almost all of her offspring are important dogs at the kennel. Bear is also a great female dog in US AKC history.
(1998 and 1999 Top Producer and No.1 all-time top producing Labrador female in AKC history with 18 Champion off spring).

He has produced two Westminster BOB stars. Beside Tony, another son is 1999 Westminster BOB owner: BISS CH Ridge View Frosty the Snoman CD,JH, So you can see why Bear is so popular! Ridge View kennel, present famous male breed dog Doc is the direct son of Tony’s sister (Bear’s grandson), 2002 US Westminster show BOB & BOS were all Doc’s sons and daughters. Doc has produced at least 16 US registered champion dogs. Actually Doc’s maternal line is just the second edition of Tony’s pedigree.

Sire of 2002 Westminster Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex 

Dochassired 16 Champions and sever alare close to finishing their CH

TONY is 1997 Westminster champion, his brother was 1999 Westminster champion while 2002 Westminster BOB & BOS were the Tony’s grandson. Ridge View kennel, present famous male breed dog Doc is Tony’s niece.

The big fame of Tony’s father:

Canada famous kennel Chablais Labradors, presents best female breed dog is Multi BISS Multi BPIS AM CAN CH Chablais Myrtille . She has a lot of excellent offspring for Chablais Kennel. Her father AMCANCHBradkingMike (imported from UK) is the direct son of GBChKuprosmMasterMariner. GBChKuprosmMasterMariner is the best breed dog for that centry.

Multi BISS Multi BPIS AM CAN CH Chablais Myrtille 

Myrtille has many excellent offspring, one of his son is Chablais Rhapsodie En Bleu called:Bleu, which is also Tony’s father.

Bleu is the signature direct son of the Canadian King of BISS CAN CH Ranbourne This Buds For You.

Bleu’s direct daughter: AM CH RidgeView Bleu Bunny is the grandma of AM CH Shannon Valley's Beauregard(BOB of Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show since 2002), Bleu’s another direct daughter: CH Winter winds Gaelic Twist is the mother of AM CH Winterwind's Glenn Plaid(BOB of Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show since 2003).


TONY’S sister Bunny is the grandma of BOS famous dog—BOB& amp in 2002 West Minster show; Tony ‘s sister, from the same father, Gaelic Twist is the mother of 2003 West Minster Show BOB famous dog: AMCHWinterwind'sGlennPlaid

As the above information demonstrate, TONY’S father blood ChablaisRhapsodieEnBleu’s breed achievement is highly valued by the US dog field.