• D.O.B2010/09/21
  • GenderFEMALE
  • ColorYELLOW
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Kennel introduced FARRINGGFORD offspring: female breed dog CYNTHIA from UK ROCHEBY at high cost. Cynthia’s blood line is full of lots of representative Labrador dogs.

For example, Belgium registered Germany champion female breed dog BLACKWINDOW; multi-nation registered champion SMOKE; and well-known Labrador King, Storm blood: DEMON. Here is the introduction of female breed dog blood: 
1、Full name: Demon of Brownbank Cottage ( introduced from Europe & Belgium)
Is the direct son of UK BLACK LABRADOR STORM CH. AMER C.C. W. Weathertop El Nino
breed:Mark Moorhem

Pure black Labrador dog, without any other color genes. This dog is with KING personality, obvious head shape, back head bone is wide, short mouth, back line and tails with STORM character. It is the best of the best dogs in China.

DEMON, the highest award: Oct 28th, 2005  Nanjing Dog show, the champion of the whole show.
2005 DEMON won the last yearly competition championship in Beijing and 2005 year Labrador general Champion.
Foreign test results:


Demon shape, back line, head shape all passed from its father CH.(AMER.) C.C.W.Weathertop El Nino or called STORM. DEMON has nice personality and excellent genes. STORM has three offspring in Asia, one is in Taiwan, one is in Japan and the rest is DEMON. DEMON’S competition experience:

July 24th, 2005, France LIEGE Male jeune No.1, and won the entry ticket into 2006 UK CRUFTS Competition. 
Oct 28, 2005 China Nanjing Labrador GROUP NO 1 (BOB) sports dog group NO.1 ( BIG)  (BIS)
Dec. 30, 2005,  China Beijng Labrador group NO 1 (BOB)
Dec. 31, 2005, China Beijng, Labrador group NO 1 (BOB)
Apr. 22, 2006 China Beijing, Labrador youth male dog No 1 (gained China champion dog point, the first Challenge card)    
DEMON’S father: CH.(AMER.)C.C.W.Weathertop El Nino, called STORM, came from UK top kennel Weathertop Labradors Kennel. It is called Dark Labrador King. Few dogs can get this honor.
 CH.(AMER.)C.C.W.Weathertop El Nino Storm Picture 

Storm (CH.(AMER.)C.C.W.Weathertop El Nino)father:CH.Beechcroft’s Regal Air ,American Beechcroft’s kennel major breed dog。 CH.Beechcroft’s Regal Air’s picture.

Storm (CH.(AMER.)C.C.W.Weathertop El Nino)mother CH.BEECHCROFT WEATHERTOP WIND, CGC (called : Moria)。 CH.BEECHCROFT WEATHERTOP WIND, CGC (called:Moria) picture

Storm (CH.(AMER.)C.C.W.Weathertop El Nino) grandparents: CH.(AMER.CAN.)Beechcroft’s Danish Skydiver picture

 CH.(AMER.)Cambremer Tudor Mintral CH.(AMER.) Beechcroft’s Trillium STORM(CH.(AMER.)C.C.W.Weathertop El Nino)great grandparents: CH.Passingridge Black Prince CH.(AMER.) Beechcroft’s Skylark CH.(AMER.) Beechcroft’s Edgewood Tomarc CH.(AMER.)Beechcroft’s Clover Of O’henry GB.SH.CH. Rocheby Royal Oak picture

GB:SH:CH: Rocheby Royal Oak is an excellent yellow Labrador dog, grown by UK Rocheby kennel, owned by Mr & MRS D M HOPKINSON. At that time all Labrador kennels wanted its offspring.
 GB.SH.CH.Cambremer All That picture

CH.(AMER.CAN.)Beechcroft’s Danish Skydiver DEMON’s mother:CH. BISS.Black Widow of Brownbank Cottage came from Belgium Brownbank Cottage kennel. This dog is a German registered champion. CH. BISS.Black Widow of Brownbank Cottage picture.

CH. BISS.Black Widow of Brownbank Cottage blood is originated from American Shadow Hills kennel. CH.03.Shadow Hills Smart Chelsea picture

After careful review of DEMON FATHER AND MOTHER BLOOD, their ancestor all showed one: GB:CH: Sandylands Mark,it was a black dog and born in UK 1965. This dog’s influence can be found in most present day Labradors. Either American Arnold blood or other blood of Labradors, this dog was involved. So we can see its value by then. GB:CH: Sandylands Mark picture.

Storm blood is viewed as a high status in global breed kennels. Hope we can make good use of this blood.