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It shows the unique combination characteristics of storm blood and Arnold blood dog. Summer’s grandma Balrion Weathertop Jane Eyre is the direct daughter of legend male breed Wathertop El Nino (Storm blood), meanwhile it has the American Dark King Arnold Blood. As Sudjie Crook described, Jane Eyre is the best female dog around the world. In Summer’s blood, it is worthy to know that lots of famous dogs are in her breed process, such as CARMEN, GALLAHAD, Wathertop El Nino, Sh. Ch. Rocheby Old Smoky.

Breed: UK Balrion Kennel J.Crook & Saudjie Crook
Carmen’s father is the top male dog in Europe, Sh. Ch. Rocheby Old Smoky. Quite a few of Smoky’ s offspring are active in Europe, even international. There is too many to know exactly how many of them registered as champions. Especially in recent largest Crufts competition.  Smoky’s direct sons and daughters are often awarded among Labrador. From 2002 to 2007, this amazing male dog is listed as No. 1 Breed dog in UK Labrador in consecutive six years. This is rare in history.

When Carmen was 12-month old, She took part in Shenzhen CKU-FCI International FULL DOG KINDS CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION, defeated grown female dog, awarded as the best of female dogs and a CC card. This is her first step into Champion Journey.
Carmen father: Rocheby Old Smoky (2002—2008 ranked No. 1 of UK Breed male dog)

Carmen mother:  Balrion Weathertop Jane Eyre

On 04/12/2009, Carmen won the No. 1 in grown female dog in XI’AN DOG COMPETITION OF FCI-CKU, defeated GALLAHAD and won the BOB. This helped her gain the third CAC card, and completed the permanent champion register in China.

 CARMEN 21-Month Old

Sep 5,6  2009, Carmen was outstanding among 40 grown dogs in Ningbo, got a valuable victory in BOB and BIG2.
10/11/2009, Carmen took part in Shenzheng South China champion show as a champion member. She acquired Austria breed judge Ms Connie Redhead’s recognization and won the BOS.

CARMEN  2.5 years old:

CARMEN's UK Blood certificate copy:

Carmen pedigree


Gallanhad is the first Labrador who won champion register and international champion register in China. So far it is NO 1 in total points since 2007 FCI-CKU. Through several breeders, we are sure that GALLAHAD is a very exceptional male breed of dog. We believe that it will produce lots of excellent generations for Labrador fans. Its father AMOS is a quite good American black Labrador. Its mother is POLAND Labrador professional kennel UK Labrador。 It has strong body. This heroin mother gave birth to lots of European champion dogs.

GALLAHAD father blood
It is the father of centurial famous dog-American--BISS AM.CH.DICKENDALL ARNOLd. It is the ancestor blood of present popular American Labrador.CH CAMBREMER TUDOR MINSTREL Is American champion dog of top kennel.

CARROMERS CHARLIE CHALK is known as the best dig of his decade.

GALLAHAD gained nice results in various competitions within one year:

2005 Beijing CPC international full kind dog breed show, GALLAHAD gained BOB (one dog kind champion) of PUPPY Group, year BOB (one dog kind champion) of PUPPY Group.

2006 Ningbo NBTV “Youbang Jiaju Cup” dog show, GALLAHAD won PUPPY group—one dog kind Champion (BOB), sports dog group No. 2 (BIG 2ND).

On May 7th, 2006, 2006 Hangzhou No.2 Pyideng Cup HKC International Full Kind Dog Competition, GALLAHAD PERFEKT PARTNER FCI beated 5 excellent Labrador dogs there in open group, won the first BOB in OPEN GROUP and BIG 2(No.2 )

17-month old GALLAHAD took part in 2006 No 2 South China FULL DOG KIND Champion Competition, which was held by China WORK DOG Management Association in Shenzhen, and won the BOB in open group and BIG.

On Mar. 10th, 2007, Our GALLAHAD PERFEKT PARTNER FCI attended in FCI-CKU Zhejiang Intenrational Champion show and won BOB.

CACIB Beauty certificate and CC card. It is a fierce competition. 11 grown dogs in, including 2 female, 9 male, judge was Ms MARIA-LUISE FROM AUSTRIA. By now, GALLAHAD has gained 3 CC card (challenge certificate card) and become No.1 China Labrador registered Champion Dog.

The following is GALLAHAD FCI- Chinese championship journey:
11/4/2006 FCI-CKU Hunan International Championship showBOB, CC, CACIB
11/25/2006 FCI-CKU Jiangsu Nanjing International Championship Show.
3/10/2007: FCI-CKU Zhejiang International Championship Show, BOB, CC, CACIB


GALLAHAD  Chinese championship qualification certification copy 

international register championship certificate