DEVA, an extraordinary female breed dog, has Labrador mainstream blood characters. From her present offsprings in China, we can see the big bones, rich hairs, obvious head shapes, and great back and tail line of Arnold blood on her. In Deva’s blood line, there are many excellent dogs such as famous dog-registered champion FOXRUSH AA, Japan NANSEI kennel—female Alicia, etc. It has a champion blood!
Registered champion FOXRUSH AA:

2005 Champion CPC cup BOB
2007 CKU Labrador BISS champion, CC card
2007 CKU Full dog kind Xi An Intenrational Championship Competition RCACIB, CC
2007 CKU Full dog kind Beijing International Champion Competition BOB Big 3 CACIB, CC
2008 CKU Beijing golden retriever, Labrador retriever BOB, Open group No. 3
He is the representative direct son of UK famous male breed Sandylands My Guy, and direct grandson of Sandylands Gad-about. He is not only famous in China Labrador family, but also an excellent male breed dog in the direct offspring of Sandylands blood. He came from UK mainstream blood Sandylands My Guy. He is very famous in the world and be dreamed of by all famous kennel. He won numberless awards in DOGSHOW as well as Labrador BISS after its arrival to China. Besides, He also completed CKU China champion dog registered CC card, and showed in the China PUPPY magazine cover as Excellent Labrador. 
His outstanding shape and precious blood make it take the lead in a long period. His father James is produced by famous Labrador kennel FOXRUSH in UK, which is widely recognized by Labrador field about its pursuit and achievement of the facial characteristics of FOXRUSH. While his grandpa is the recognized breed dog of yellow Labrador, UK registered champion SH CH(ENG)SANDYLANDS GAD-ABOUT. This Sandlands kennel brilliant male breed dog won BIS IN 1006 UK Tourney competition. Even the CEO of the World Labrador Sandylands kennel of base concluded that “it is so successful in reproduction of this excellent breed male dog that we can never find the second one in UK, even in the world. Its blood includes all essence of Sandylands. And we can see that many excellent registered champion shows in GAD-ABOUT blood history certificate. GAD-ABOUT’s father is world-renowned black Labrador Ch Sandylands My Guy, whose profile was used as standard Labrador picture introduction by American AKC.


TARO gained 2007 Shanghai competition BOS