Dasy is one of our female dogs. She shows the obvious Arnold Blood extravagant head shape, straight back line and rich hair. Meanwhile she owns the sweet expression of Storm blood, elegant attitude and reasonable body portion. In such blood succeeding, in our kennel, Dasy will continue to contribute her energy to blood development. In Dasy blood, including Arnold, Storm, etc. But Champion L-Bush and AM CH Snowden Hill Goodtime Charlie also made great contribution to Dasy’s elegant shapes. Let’s see them below.


Foreign Card No.:LR-04-0003026-ROK

DOB: 2010.05.03

2011 CKU Shenyang Full dog kind championship competition CAC BOW, challenge certificate card, judge: Kikuhiko Kashiw
2011 CKU Northern District Full Dog Kind International Championship Competition/ CACIB cc card, judge: Ian Rasmussen

AM CH Snowden Hill Goodtime Charlie