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A, if you want to buy our dog please first understand the standard of labrador, as shown in the kennel website the breed standard.


Second, our puppy only sold to dogs. Buy dog each person has the responsibility and obligation to care for and raise them, give them a lifetime of happiness.


Third, our puppies will regularly publish information, customers are interested in purchasing, can contact us for more detailed information.


Four, reservation: flourishing rise kennel in the column of "breeding program information will be announced breeding pairs information, wait for after the puppies are born to be available for sale the puppy information in" sold in dogs ", if you are interested in the puppy to buy, you can be in the form of by telephone, email and preliminary reservation, and the intention of dogs online booking order, I kennels will record your personal information and specific needs. And the site according to the customer order is scheduled to sort order, deposit 30% of the full, the puppy for the customer to pay the deposit, we will ensure that you keep the puppy. If you want to cancel the reservation, the deposit will not be returned, we can keep the deposit for you to after 2 tyres is still valid. If you still can't decide to buy, then the deposit.


Five, the price: flourishing rise kennel in the puppy within 7 weeks for each of the pricing. We have our own pricing principles and standards, mainly depends on the following four aspects:


1, the quality of the puppy;


2, the quality of the kind of dog dog (parents), including blood fitment, game to watch cases, etc.;


3, the kind of dog dog (parents) costs, including the introduction of cost, breeding cost, etc.;


4, reference at home and abroad with the level of dog offspring sales price.


Six, pick: for customers to pay the deposit, we will ensure that you keep the puppy. The customers can pay the deposit to the kennel field observation, select the puppy. In view of the customer can't personally to pick the puppy, we will provide multiple perspectives of clear pictures for to choose from. Choose the priority depends on the order to pay the deposit. If we want to keep the puppy, there will be a top choice, this is the international practice. Choose the puppy best time is 45 days to 55 days, this period of puppies development more balanced, is a miniature adult dogs.


Seven, insect repellent: we will be in puppy 21 days (three weeks) for the first time insecticide, insect repellent once every two weeks until after puppies from the house.


Eight, vaccines: we will be in puppy day 28 first injection vaccine, 42 days the second injection vaccine, 56 days for its third injection vaccine. In both the puppy 2 months of age (60 days), can be away from the house. But the customer must in 75 days, then stitch the rabies vaccine.


Nine, transportation: we take two ways:


(1) air (suitable for distance away from other provinces, several hours can reach, convenient and quick.)


(2) passenger (suitable for changchun city and the surrounding cities, according to the weather changes in temperature, we will take a different degree of dog cage for packaging. After the dog get on the bus, we will immediately inform customer: passenger car plate, the driver phone, arrival time and station)

十、旺升犬舍提供的幼犬都是家庭伴侣犬。购买的幼犬成年后,如果出现牙齿咬合有问题, 公犬有单睾,隐睾,公狗不能配种,母狗不能怀孕的情况,犬舍不承担任何责任。如果您有繁殖或者比赛的计划,我们建议购买我们的青年犬或者成年犬。在旺升犬舍购买的幼犬我们不建议繁殖,如果有繁殖的计划,必须保证选择同等质量,性格稳定的犬只配种。所生产的幼犬只能销售给家庭饲养者,不能销售给宠物店或者宠物中间商。

Ten, flourishing rise kennel provides puppies are family companion dog. Buy the puppy as an adult, if there is something wrong with the teeth bite, males have a single testosterone, cryptorchidism, male dog can't breeding, bitch can't pregnant, kennels does not undertake any responsibility. If you have any reproduction or game plan, we recommend that you buy our youth or adult dogs. In flourishing rise kennel purchased puppies we do not recommend to breed, if there is a breeding plan, must make the pledge that we choose the same quality, personality stable dogs mating. Produced puppies can only be sold to domestic producers, can't sell to pet stores or pet middlemen.


11, without flourishing to rise kennel authorization, the channels of his indirect gain my kennel dogs, and to breed for the purpose of dog owners, breeder not to name the dog dog master hand, transfer and other related procedures.


12, you must ensure the safety of the dogs, for dogs clean nest (cage), plenty of food and water, the buyer must ensure that there is plenty of time for dogs and dogs movement, and for the dog socialization, obedience to do some basic training. Any buyer shall not in any way in non-public GongGuanZhi field bolt lock (chain) dogs, director of the time.


13, if you are on our young dog, interested in adult, can telephone contact us (puppies are firm price, please respect each other's time, don't bargain. If you think the price is expensive, you can directly give it up.)

十四、如果您有意向在旺升犬舍购买幼犬, 请认真阅读本购犬须知, 同时此购犬须知也可作为合同样本。

14, if you are interested in flourishing rise kennel buys puppies, please read the dog this purchasing information, at the same time the purchase dog guidelines as a sample of the contract.