[appearance] labrador retriever should have a strong body, short of the waist, very active, the width of the skull, wide and deep chest rib, strong waist and back.

[character] labrador retriever's good temperament, very sensitive and excellent sense of smell, soft in the mouth, be fond of playing with water, adaptable, and loyal partner.

[quality] labrador retriever clever, agile and obedient, love neat, natural gentle, not aggressive, and quite open and bright.

[head and skull] labrador retriever skull broad, have clear check department, the outline is clear, not fleshy cheeks, medium length in the mouth, strong but not for long, big nose wide nostrils.

[eyes] labrador retriever eyes of medium size, show that the intelligent and gentle character, color is brown or brown.

[ears] labrador retriever ear not large or heavy, hanging in and near the head position slightly in the rear.

[mouth] labradors have powerful jaws and teeth. Are complete scissor bite, that is to say, on the teeth and lower teeth bite is, the growth of teeth must be a right Angle relative to the jaw.

Neck labrador retriever's neck is concise, strong and powerful, is located in the shoulder position.

Forelimb labrador retriever shoulder blade long, full tilt. Forelimb bones stout, when viewed from the front or side, falling from elbow to ground is vertical.

[body] labrador retriever has just the right chest width and depth, and has the full stretch of barrel ribs, the waist short and strong.

[] the hind legs of labrador retriever hind legs well developed will not inclined towards the rear, flexible operation. Hocks normal downward, bracket and serious loss.

[foot] labrador retriever in the footsteps of a compact round, toes well developed moderately arched, and my feet.

[] tail tail characteristics of labrador retriever, root bulky to cutting-edge turned fine, medium length with dense undercoat, we call it the otter tail, can swing but it won't roll happily on his back.

Gait and actions] labrador retriever free walk, step point before the hind legs parallel and accurate.

[fur] labrador retriever fur has distinctive features, has no waves and plume of dense undercoat, touch is moderately hard feeling, resistant to cold.

[color] labradors have full black, yellow or liver/chocolate color, yellow range from light cream to red fox, chest a few small spots are allowed.

[size] labrador retriever ideal height, male dogs for 22-22.5 inches (56-57 cm), the female dog was 21.5-22 inches (55-56 centimeters).

[defects] labradors any breach of the above points is a defect, severity depending on the specific situation.

[note] labrador retriever dogs two normal testicular must be completely fell into the scrotum.